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Why You Should Not Hunt Oryx


Oryx are incredible animals that have lived in various parts of the world for thousands of years. They are quite iconic for their white, long-horned features but also for their scarcity. Hunting Oryx is something that is still done in many areas but should be re-evaluated as a practice in order to balance out the species population. In this article, we will explore why hunting Oryx should not be a recreational activity.

Do not hunt Oryx

Threat to Subspecies Diversity

Oryx are divided into two subspecies: the Arabian Oryx and the East African Oryx. Both of these subspecies are considered Vulnerable or Endangered by the IUCN Red List. The reason for their Vulnerable/Endangered size is largely due to hunting pressure. Hunting Oryx is not an activity that is necessary for subsistence, so it is largely for recreation. It is already difficult enough to sustain these subspecies, so if recreational hunting persists, it could lead to their extinction.

Lack of Need

Hunting Oryx is not necessary for human beings. Whereas hunting deer, elk, and other animals can provide necessary meats for consumption, Oryx are not used for this purpose. Even in some places where Oryx can be domesticated for meat, there are more sustainable and humane ways of meeting this need. Therefore, there is little need to continue hunting Oryx; it is a practice that could be stopped without any detriment to human life.

Conservation Efforts

Oryx can be extremely difficult to breed in captivity, so conservation efforts focus on controlled hunting and anti-poaching efforts. Professional organizations such as the African Wildlife Foundation work to protect Oryx in their native habitats. Such efforts are quite successful, but recreational hunting hinders their progress. Oryx need to be removed from danger, but taking part in recreational hunting does the opposite. Therefore, recreational hunting should not take place as it will interfere with conservation efforts.

Unnecessary Suffering

Oryx can be incredibly beautiful animals. Taking part in recreational hunting is not only unnecessary, but it can cause unnecessary suffering for these animals. If a hunter does not kill the Oryx with their first shot, then it can cause them immense pain and suffering, especially if the animal is not found soon after. Oryx may have to suffer for hours until they are finally put out of their misery. Therefore, recreational hunting is a practice that should be avoided as much as possible.


In conclusion, hunting Oryx should not be a recreational activity. The subspecies of Oryx are already considered Vulnerable or Endangered and recreational hunting can hinder conservation efforts. Furthermore, there is little need to hunt Oryx as they are not a source of meat and their hunting causes unnecessary suffering. Therefore, hunters should consider the impact of their actions and think twice before partaking in recreational hunting of the Oryx.

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