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Wonder of the Dinosaur-Age Araucaria Forest

Introducing the Dinosaur-Age Araucaria Forest

The Araucaria Forest is perhaps one of the most unique and fascinating forests in the world. It’s a living classroom of natural history, stretching on for nearly 600 square kilometers in southern Argentina, with an impressive array of trees and vegetation which have not changed much since the days of the dinosaurs. So, which exciting aspects make this area so special and worthy of exploration?

A Glimpse of Prehistoric Times

The trees of the Araucaria Forest hold special significance. This is because they are specimens of the species known as Araucaria, which is the only ancient tree species still alive today. As the name implies, it makes us feel like we are stepping back into the age of the dinosaurs, to experience a world unchanged for millions of years.

These tree species are known for their signature cone-shaped crowns and thick evergreen foliage, as well as their impressive height. The oldest specimens in the forest can reach heights of up to 200 feet, making them the tallest trees in South America. They are estimated to be between 100 and 120 million years old, which provide an incredible sense of awe and wonder to all who visit them.

A Biodiverse Sanctuary

Araucaria trees have adapted to their environment so well, they actually create a unique kind of ecosystem. This ecosystem serves as a safe haven and sanctuary for many species of wildlife and vegetation.

The rainforest canopy of the Araucaria Forest is home to a variety of bird species, including eagles, owls, hawks, and even toucans. This area is also home to a large variety of reptiles, amphibians, and mammals, as well as numerous different types of plants and flowers.

The Araucaria Forest is an important resource for local communities, as the trees provide them with food and building materials. The trees’ needles and cones are also used for medicinal purposes, such as treating fever.

Wonder of the Dinosaur-Age Araucaria Forest two

Present-Day Wonders

The Araucaria Forest also contains some of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world. Located close to the town of Gualeguaychu, these majestic cascades offer spectacular views of the surrounding landscape, set against the backdrop of majestic Araucaria trees.

The forests of the Araucaria have remained largely untouched by humans, something which we should take great pride in knowing. In fact, it is considered a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and is one of the few places where visitors can still experience ancient times and learn something about the ancient days of dinosaurs.

Exploring the Araucaria Forest

Visiting the Araucaria Forest is an experience like no other. With its stunning landscape, fascinating flora and fauna, and the chance to feel like you are visiting an ancient world, it is the perfect place for an unforgettable adventure.

If you’re looking for a unique holiday destination, the Araucaria Forest should be your first choice! Exploring the area is an opportunity to discover a living time capsule, and to marvel in the wonders of nature.

Whether you go on foot, horseback, or by bike, the paths of the Araucaria Forest are sure to provide you with a lifetime of memories! With ancient trees providing shelter and shade, you can enjoy the beauty of the natural world with every step.


For those who are looking to explore a unique and fascinating natural area, the Araucaria Forest of Argentina is the perfect place to visit. With its living history, exciting views, and plethora of wildlife, this area is sure to leave visitors in awe of the wonders of nature.

We should all take pride in the fact that this rare and special forest still exists. Taking care of our natural spaces is essential for protecting our planet and its biodiversity, and the Araucaria Forest is certainly a great example of that. So, why not take a trip and explore the wonders of the dinosaur age for yourself?

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