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Yellow Irises

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The Beauty and Captivation of Yellow Irises

Yellow Irises, also known by their scientific name of Iris pseudacorus, are one of the most captivating flowers manufactured from nature. Many are enchanted within moments of seeing the showy yellow blooms. These native European flowering plants and their cheerful blooms have been popular in gardens around the world since ancient Greek and Roman times.

The White Iris is a type of flower believed to be first featured as a part of an ancient Greek myth. According to the myth a deity named Iris was the goddess of the rainbow and the messenger of the gods. She would shine in multiple colors when traversing the heavens; thus, blossoming the idea that the White Iris flower symbolizes the divine. The beauty and captivation of these majestic blooms lie within their distinct three-fold flower petals, with each containing inner and outer petals.

Power of Yellow Color

The bright yellow of the Iris flower often shares a sweet significance in many cultures, oftentimes representing the joy, hope and positivity that comes with a new day. Yellow is widely known to be the color of warmth and happiness and can often inspire people to look towards the future with cheer and optimism. The sweet smell of yellow blossoming Irises can take someone away to a dream-like world of contentment.

Rich Symbolism of Yellow Irises

The rare and beautiful Irises of yellow, represent the friendship, hope and faith which comes from perseverance. They often signify an environment of emotional and physical healing, strength and courage. This explains why these flowers are often used in healing gardens. They were also believed, in some cultures, to disburse luck, fortune, sympathy and cheering energy. This is why they are often used in corsages and boutonnières for special occasions such as wedding and funerals.

Yellow Irises two

History of Yellow Irises

The yellow Iris has a long and colorful history surrounding it. In the Victorian era, they were used to symbolize the unbreakable bonds of love, faith and friendship and were often used on gifts to represent the true bond of love. Victorian gardens have also become synonymous with these beautiful yellow Irises, which bloom there during the season. The yellow Iris continues to capture the hearts of many who visit such gardens.

Care and Maintenance

Iris pseudacorus also known as Yellow Irises, are hardy plants and can grow in many different types of soils, as long as they are not overly dry or wet. The plants should be kept adequately well-drained, yet continuously moist. The ideal location of the plants should be in the full sun, however, the Irises can also survive in partial shade. When the Irises are done blooming for the year, the old foliage should be trimmed off and the plant divided. This method helps promote a healthier and more abundant blooming for the summer season. Furthermore, fertilization is also effective for promoting healthy plant growth as well as larger blooms.


Yellow Irises are rich in symbolism, history, beauty and captivation. We’ve come to understand that these majestic flowers have gained many admirers throughout the centuries, by inspiring people with the warmth and beauty they evoke. Bright yellow Irises are often seen as a symbol of hope, friendship, courage and healing. Furthermore, they are designed to be easy to care for and require minimal maintenance if planted and situated in the right location. Therefore, anyone wanting to bring a little more color and warmth into their garden should consider planting a few of these remarkable yellow-blooming Irises.

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