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Zoological Zone: Evergreen Acacias of Uganda

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The Evergreen Acacias of Uganda are a unique and extraordinary zoological zone. They are found primarily in Uganda’s tropical rainforests, but also in surrounding savannas and woodlands. This article will explore the fascinating ecology of the Evergreen Acacias of Uganda, and provide an overview of their unique characteristics, roles in their environment, and how they are affected by human activities.


The Evergreen Acacias of Uganda are a type of tree that is endemic to the region. They generally inhabit the moist, humid climates of the tropical rainforest, but can also be found in savannas and woodlands. These trees typically reach heights between 25 and 60 meters, making them some of the tallest trees in the country. They are recognized by their large evergreen leaves, which are compound and have an inverse fiddle shape. Their bark is usually smooth and gray, and their flowers can be either yellow or white.


The Evergreen Acacias of Uganda play an important role in their environment. Their thick canopies provide shade and protection to the lower layers of vegetation, helping to maintain soil moisture and prevent excessive evaporation. This can create ideal conditions for other wildlife such as birds, primates, and other species of plants. In addition, the leaves and branches of the Evergreen Acacias provide homes to various species of insects, while their flowers provide a food source to many creatures, such as butterflies and bees.

Zoological Zone: Evergreen Acacias of Uganda two

Threats and Conservation

Like other species, the Evergreen Acacias of Uganda are facing threats from human activities, including deforestation and illegal logging. In fact, it is estimated that only 10-15% of the population of the Evergreen Acacias remains in sufficiently large and viable populations. This has significant impacts on the species’ population as well as the entire environment. As a result, many conservation efforts have been put in place to help protect the Acacias and the entire rainforest ecosystem. This includes the creation of protected zones and the promotion of sustainable management practices.


The Evergreen Acacias of Uganda are a unique and valuable species that play an important role in their environment. Despite the threats that they face, conservation efforts are being implemented to help protect and conserve the species. Understanding their ecology and the vital role that they play in their environment is essential in order to protect them, and to ensure their future in Uganda.

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